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Illuminate Serum: What is Humectation?

Summer is great for playing, running and having fun outdoors with your pet, but with all the fun comes sun and dirt. These factors can influence the drying and breakage of the wires.

We currently have many techniques that serve to rebuild and strengthen the hair structure, one of which is umectation.

Therefore, in today's text, we will talk about wetting and also about a special product perfect for wetting animal fur.

The power of humectation

Have you ever moisturized your pet's fur with a good mask, and still without a good result? It is possible that the coat is in need of another technique or other nutrients to rebuild itself. 

Humectation is a technique that uses vegetable oils to repair damaged hair, because when the hair is too dry, hydration may not work, giving rise to wetting. 

The purpose of wetting is to bring back the oil needed to repair the open and porous cuticles of the hair. 

The benefits that this technique offers are:

*Reduces the formation of knots in the coat

*Decreased breakage

*Strengthening the wires

*Reduce breakage

*Brings more shine to the coat

Illuminate Serum

So, now knowing that your pet's coat may need a wetting, another question may arise: "which product to use?"

The formula of the Serum created by Perigot contains a mixture of exotic oils that nourish and strengthen the pet coat, thus providing resistance and shine to the hair.

With this, the product can be used for more than one purpose, the main ones being: detangling, finishing and hyper-hydrating.

The mix of oils has a light formula, allowing the product to better penetrate the hair and untangle them without leaving a heavy or oily appearance.

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